Change The Look Of The House

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Every so often the family requires a change and the change of decor comes to the fore, the carpet books come out and the paint and colour charts appear and a lot of work is carried out as the family go through a fashion home improvement design software. The cost is always high and the upset in the house goes on for ever and tempers get frayed but hopefully the end result is very good. One simple way of changing the complete look of a house quickly and effectively with a minimum of upset is by a complete change of door furniture.

In most houses the door furniture is never changed but is the same as the day that it was built. Sometimes this is an excellent system as the design just fits the house and it would be a major upset if it was changed. In this case let the design stay. In many cases however the door furniture looks jaded and often out of date. The door handle business is now very changeable and like a lot of things in the modern house something that was put in a few years ago is now out of date and could do with replacing. On the plus side the whole ambiance of a house can be set by the change of door furniture and very little else. Consider the modern house that was put in with standard aluminum handles on a plate base of the same material, some of a lever design and some of a twisting door knob type, a change in the handles will bring a completely different feel.

Consider using an up market lever system throughout, perhaps a typical good quality antique, matte brass handle with an ornate classical shape fitted on an ornate rose base, any locks and keyholes are provided by separate circular brass plates. The front door furniture can be bought to match. The cost will be quite high but not as high as the cost of redecoration but the appearance will change enormously. Door furniture is one area where buying good quality handles is really worthwhile. The doors are the first thing that anybody sees when entering a home or an individual room so the first impressions are made here, there is also such a wide range of products available and these are changing quickly so that it is possible to get some excellent up to date handles. Find a good supplier and see how things could be changed with a little imagination.