How I get the best motorcycle parts

As a lover of motorcycles, it was easy to decide that a career in motorcycles was the best possible choice for me. At first, I thought of starting my own shop. When it turned out that I needed quite a bit of financial resources for that, I decided on opening a workshop instead. I practiced working on motorcycles for years and got good at it. Friends and family asked me to look at their vehicles if there was anything wrong. For a couple of years I now have my own workshop, where I repair all kinds of motorcycles. You can imagine I need a lot of spare parts to be able to do all the necessary repairs. It took a while to figure out the best way to get excellent motorcycle parts, but now I work together with a supplier that I fully trust. By working together with this supplier from the EU, I always get the best parts I need.

Getting a supplier

At first, I worked together with a handful of suppliers that delivered several parts from several brands. In my workshop, I repair all kinds of bikes from different manufacturers. A Honda engine is not suitable for a BMW and vice versa. So I needed several suppliers to get all the motorcycle parts I needed. That was quite a hassle and proved to be very time consuming. Therefore, I switched to an all-round supplier. I can get parts from brands like Kawasaki, BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Moto Guzzi. I would not want to change that, since it is an excellent way to get all parts I need.

Buying and selling motorcycles

When you own a workshop like I do, it does not take long before customers ask for complete motorcycles. I have never imported motorcycles myself directly, but I do offer the possibility to buy complete vehicles. For this, I hire one of the best motorcycle importers I know. They know exactly where the best vehicles are for sale and deliver them on time, with all paperwork done. Importing motorcycles is a very different trade than doing repairs. Therefore, I am happy to rely on them for these services. At the same time, my customers know they can come to me for anything motorcycle related. Even importing their favorite model from outside the EU. A perfect combination, in my opinion.