How To Transfer A Car Title

Do you want to sell your car to buy a new one? You have to transfer the title as well when you sell any car in Dubai. Do you know about the car title transfer process? This process is really tough and difficult if you don’t have the knowledge to go about it. How smartly you transfer your car depends on your ability to find the potential buyer, evaluate its value and prepare all the documents efficiently. The process of transferring a car title involves many things. Such as, exchange of funds canceling of insurance, remove all liens on the vehicle and complete the car title transfer.

In this article, you are going to get complete information regarding successfully transferring your car title. So give it a quick read so that you can understand the simple process of transferring a car title.

Check Out The Original Value of Any Car

Do you have any idea that how much is your car worth.? Finding out the original price of your vehicle can be tough sometimes. But still, there are many ways of knowing the resale value of your vehicle. So that you can easily sell your car in Dubai. Here are the few methods that you can see below.

Use a Price Estimator 

If you are interested in trading cars and also wants the best price in the market. Then you should choose a price that is reasonable for your vehicle is worth it. However, there are various pricing estimators that you can use to finding out the price of your car. Such as the Edmund concept, the National Automobile Dealers Association, and also Kelley Blue Book (KBB). When you are using the Edmunds concept, then you have to check the local market price of your car model in your area to estimate the amount that buyers will be agreeing to pay for your vehicle. 

Kelley blue book is also a system value calculator invented by Kelley. 

This shows the pre-owned car pricing, or trade-in value, and private party value. Therefore the pricing structure would be sometimes biased. This process favors dealers Regarding price estimation. NADA is also a kind of price estimator that collects data from various transactions to evaluate. Most of the sellers prefer NADA as compared to other price estimators. 

Other Factors to Determine a Vehicle’s Value

There is one thing that you should keep in mind that the more you drive your car, the less value it has. If your car involves more features then it is likely to retain more worth. Like white and silver vehicles have a greater value because they are more popular among car owners. If we talk about the model year and make then you will find this info on the title of your car. 

The letters on the back of your vehicle like the 2016 Nissan Sentra SL, the trim level is the “SL,” and the model name is “Sentra” can also provide this information. You need this info in order to estimate the current price and value of your car. Moreover, The condition of your carl also affects the price. Such as we can see that a well-maintained car is more valuable than a damaged one.

Information Contained on the Title

The car title consists of information such as the make, model, color, year of manufacture, the physical address of the seller, plate number, and also the mileage covered by the vehicle for the purpose of resale. To transfer a car title is actually proof that the seller sells any car in Dubai or somewhere else to the buyer with no right of ownership anymore. If the title of the car never changed out of the seller’s name, therefore, the vehicle remains in the ownership of the original owner with his name.

Steps to Follow When Selling or Buying a Used Car 

When you buy or receive a used car then you must need to follow the following steps to transfer the car title when you plan to sell your car in Dubai. After filling the bill of sale, more things you need to do to complete the deal.

  • As a buyer, make sure that you pay all the funds to the seller. When receiving money from a buyer, you must ensure that he or she pays the full amount.
  • Lien removal is the next step when you are to sell your car, it is your duty to remove all liens on the vehicle before you can handover it to the next buyer.


In this article, you can easily estimate how much your car is worth and the buyer pays the actual market value or not. If you use the right procedure. To sell any car in Dubai, you have to transfer the car title and it is a must. Then surely you will get the real market value for your vehicle without being exploited. It is also important to follow the legal process required in your state when selling or buying a used car. Also, keep in mind to follow the right protocols when choosing the right buyer for your car.